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YART 8.6

YART   ¡ Yet Another Route Tool ! © Version 8.6 (25th December 2018)
Bom dia ! Sabah-el-jasmin ! Bonjour ! Hello ! Ciao ! Καλιμερα ! שלום ! Hola ! أهلاً و سهلاً Grüezi ! Ola ! Guten Tag ! Namaste ! Aloha !

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Create a flight plan in native P3D and X-Plane formats
Download pre-filled OFP with fuel estimates
Get the flight plan for IVAO (x-ivap and ivap)
Export and plot your route to Skyvector
Check the weather
Validate your european flight plan (CFMU)
Explore the NOTAM
Save your route to reload it later in YART

YART General Manual Performance-based Navigation Manual

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